In this page you will be able to find all the free advertising tools for Doubly what you will ever need. Feel free to use them without any limitations in case to advertise your project.

Monitoring Button

Monitoring button is the tool what you can place in your rating page to show real time paying or not paying status of your project. Placing DavidNews.com button in your project will increase professional investor confidence to invest in Doubly.

Corner indicators

If you wish to increase popularity of Doubly feel free to place the corner indicator in your website. Place code in your website and people will be able to see real time paying status and visit the review.
Top left corner indicator
Top right corner indicator
Bottom right corner indicator
Bottom left corner indicator

Review banners

Do you want that people would read Doubly review more then just regular DavidNews.com readers? Place Review Banner in your website and attract people to read the review.
Big review banner
Small review banner

Forum banners

Do you want that investors discuss about your program in english speaking forum? DavidNews.com offers such option, place DavidNews.com forum banner on your website and people surely will discuss about your program.
Big forum banner
Small forum banner